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  1. How to care for the products?
    Use them and then simply store them in the bags provided. Incase they get wet, simply air dry them. If you want to clean off something, simply dab with a wet cloth. We do not recommend them to be washed with detergent as we use various kinds of fabrics inside for the stuffing, which may react differently.
  1. When will we receive our ordered products?
    You should usually receive your package within 3-4 days for shipping within India. It may take longer if Sundays or public holidays come in between. However, this is just an approximation and we do NOT take any guarantee of the exact delivery date.

    For any such specific delivery requirements, please do drop in an email with your order no. and details at
  1. How do I order in Bulk?
    That is awesome. Please write to us directly at, and we will take it from there.
  1. We want to sell your products at our store?
    We would love you to do that. Please write to us at with your terms and conditions. We would get on it ASAP.
  1. Why are your accessories priced like this, when they just consist of fabrics?
    We really appreciate you stopping by. You may say that these are just fabrics. Yes that they are, but it has taken several attempts and practice to get the finish quality of what they are today. The price that you are paying is NOT for the material, rather the arduous works of our artisans and designers who have been doing it over and over again to bring to you a product of this quality. We request you to also understand that Handmade does come at a price and for a reason. Moreover, there are many operational costs which are also considered to ensure this turns out to be a profitable venture. Our aim is to sustain the livelihood of many underprivileged by ensuring fair wages to make it a win-win for all.